KIDS Kindergarten seeks to provide a happy, loving, safe, and creative bi-lingual environment in which children have access to diverse stimuli to develop their own unique skills and talents and their abilities to effectively communicate in English and German. To achieve this goal the teaching team focuses on child development in the following four areas.

Intellectual Development
To help children develop a positive attitude towards learning they are encouraged to ask questions and analyse. This in turn enhances their ability to solve problems, recognise cause and effect relationships and to plan. Children are encouraged to try out their ideas, experiment and use materials creatively in individual and small group activities. These activities also support the children expand their German and English language and perceptive skills, according to their development and age.

Emotional Development
To establish a supportive emotional climate in which learning can occur, the teachers develop and maintain an environment of trust and security where children can be respected for who they are. Children learn to appreciate and respect the viewpoints of others and to value their own opinions. As children begin to operate as members of a group, they learn to express their feelings, opinions and attitudes. The confidence they gain through expression further encourages them to be more curious, active and creative learners.
Decision making abilities, autonomy, self-regulation and a sense of responsibility are also supported and encouraged at KIDS. The teachers define playful situations where children can show and develop initiative, learn basic organisation skills and develop confidence to express their ideas and opinions in both languages in front of a group.
Physical Development
KIDS offers activities that support and encourage children in the development of their gross and fine motor skills. Activities are playful, creative and age specific in order to promote positive attitudes towards physical activities. The children are encouraged to feel comfortable with their bodies and to become aware of what they are physically able to do. Particular attention is given to fine motor skills needed for writing and reading. As children acquire more advanced motor skills, success is experienced enhancing self confidence.

Artistic Development
Children's pleasure and enjoyment of art is promoted by activities in arts and crafts, music and drama. The teachers also seek to cultivate awareness and appreciation of the influences of different cultures in these areas. Children experiment with a wide range of arts and crafts materials to promote creativity. Musical ability is supported through emphasis on rhythm, singing and movement using diverse music styles and instruments. Drama skills are encouraged through role play activities and annual performances at the Christmas and Summer Parties.
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