About Us

Children flourish in settings that allow them to be active participants. This is our aim at KIDS, too. We encourage the children to be interactors, questioners, problem-solvers, thinkers, rationalisers and socialisers through the implementation of diverse activities.

Teacher Walter

Walter leads on the pre-school program. A father of three children himself, who is popular for his story reading, sense of fun and calm approach. Walter is German and used to live for four years in the USA.

Teacher Linda

Linda's emphasis is on body conception using all senses as the basis for learning as well as use of arts and crafts for development and expression. Her Australian spirit adds some silliness and fun to their daily adventures.

Teacher Sylvie

Sylvie leads in scientific activities, theatre and creative work. She is the most experienced staff member in the team and is able to draw on her skills and experience to find approaches and projects that stimulate all the children in the Kindergarten throughout the day.

Teacher Sandy

Sandy was born in Liverpool, UK. His love for gardening offers an extensive range of possibilities for the kids. With him they will experience the wonder of nature as well as how to turn the harvest into delicious food.

Our Garden

A beloved feature of K.I.D.S. is the garden. This large, green area of land was allocated to K.I.D.S. by the City of Frankfurt and is located about 50 little footsteps away from the kindergarden door.
Weather permitting the teaching team makes sure that the children get their daily fresh air and free play opportunity in the shaded adventure garden. Features of the garden include climbing frames, plenty of outdoor toys, a rope for swinging, a seating area, a big hut and, of course, plenty of space to run around.
Other garden activities include growing of vegetables and plants and harvesting of apples from the two apple trees.

Our Indoor facilities

K.I.D.S. Indoor area is located in the basement of a church. 

Our Kindergarten rooms are characterised by a colourful mixture of items that include toys, furniture, cupboards and boxes with material for drawing and crafts, book shelves, pictures on the walls and name tags. When entering the kindergarten, one can usually immediately recognise the rooms as belonging to children. We have three 1/2 rooms: the PE Room, the Art & Play Room, the Bistro and our small library room. Feel free to contact us and take a tour.

Food & Beverages

Parents are asked to provide their child with a healthy snack in a reusable container for breakfast.

A warm lunch is provided each day by an outside catering firm - Firjel Catering - which specialises in meals for kindergartens. 
The meals are based on the principles of fresh and healthy eating and include plenty of crudities and fruit.

Beverages such as water, unsweetend tea and milk are provided by KIDS Kindergarten throughout the day.