What is a Co-op Kindergarten?

A cooperative Kindergarten provides a unique learning environment for both you and your child. Every co-op family performs a member job that vitally contributes toward our school’s day-to-day and overall operations. Participating in your childs Kindergarten program will foster relationships with your community, and build early memories in the school environment.

Each job is unique and requires a different skill-set. 

Some examples of family jobs at KIDS Kindergarten: field-trip coordinator, gardener, community builder, newsletter editor, class photographer, and positions on the school’s board of directors, …

We are always open to new ideas!

New Kids Committee

Contacting prospective families & organising interviews/visits to our kindergarten.

Gardening &Maintenance Committee

Organising gardening days to, e.g. trim bushes, cut grass, maintaining gardenstructures etc. 

Cleaning Committee

Cleaning & repairing toys, books and dress up costumes etc.

Field Trip Committee

Researching and scheduling outings and coordinating with the teaching team.

Party Committee

Scheduling and organising parties, BBQs etc. in the garden & coordinating contributions for bring-your-own events.

PR Committee

Maintaining website & sending out monthly newsletter of upcoming events in coordination with the teaching team.

Library Committee

Organising existing stock of books, Removing/repairing damaged books & keeping track of borrowed books.

Fundraising Committee

Coming up with a new and innovative ideas  to raise money to finance joint projects and to grow together as a community.

How much time do I have to invest?

The Committees do not need to do all of the work themselves; rather they have to assume responsibility for defining schedules for work within the framework of a budget provided by the Board and for work completion. The committees organise themselves according to the availability and abilities of the members. Naturally the teaching team and the Board are available to the committees for consultation and assistance.  Each family for each child is asked to invest minimum 20 hours a year.