Carnival is the cheerful, colorful festival that is celebrated for several days every year in the spring seven weeks before Easter. Children come in costumes! 

St Martin

Martinsfest is traced back to bishop St. Martin. It is a Christian festival where children go on a lantern walk to bring light into the dark season of the year.


Halloween names the folk customs in the evening and the night before All Saints' Day, from October 31st to November 1st. Children come in costumes. LET'S GET SPOOKY!


Here the K.I.D.S. children get to know everything about farming. It's one of our beloved fun adventures.


Once a year we accommodate a group of friendly chicken in our garden. The children love to cuddle and take care of them.

Apple Orchad

From early spring to autumn we love to go to MainÄppelHaus to get to know everything about apples and make our own fresh apple cider.


Pre-school children (age 5 or older) will dive into the enchanting circus world at zirkus zarakali. The activity starts in autumn each year and will end with a final show day in spring.

Opera House FFM

Which sounds can one get out of a violin or a harp? On this trip the children will interact with the orchestra members of the Frankfurt Opera House.

January 2022

03. January back to school

February 2022

Carnival / Fasching

March 2022

Circus Presentation

April 2022 

11. - 14. April Easter Holiday (Kindergarten closed)

May 2022

Farewell Farm Trip for the Preschoolers

June 2022

17. June Variable holiday (Kindergarten closed)
Chicken Visit for 2 weeks

July 2022

End of school year party
29. July Last day of the school year

August 2022

1. August – 12. August  Summer Holiday (Kindergarten closed)
15. August Beginning of the new school year

September 2022

Back to school party

October 2022


November 2022

St. Martin, Lantern walk through Grüneburgpark with parents

December 2022

St Nikolaus
Christmas Party

22. December – 30. December   Christmas Holiday (Kindergarten closed)